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“Helping Investors Recover Their Lost Investments and Lives!”

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At Herbert E. Pounds Jr., P.C., we represent Texas investors who have suffered financial losses due to the mishandling of accounts by their stockbroker or brokerage firm. If you have experienced financial losses in your brokerage account, you are not alone – we can help you recover. Contact a Texas stock fraud attorney with the experience and skill needed to help you regain your financial security.

Herbert E. Pounds Jr., has extensive legal and business experience, and is the former president of a national bank. He uses this experience every day to help victims of securities fraud and broker misconduct obtain justice and compensation for their losses. You do not have to choose to be a victim of unsuitable investments on the part of your broker and/or brokerage firm. The broker and their firm are hoping that you are so embarrassed that you will not fight back. Do not let them win. Brokers have a legal duty to place you in investments that are suitable for your individual circumstances. When they fail to do so, you have legal recourse.

A blow to your financial investments is shocking. You are not at fault. Your broker has the professional knowledge to know how and when to minimize your losses. Some of the biggest problems occur when brokers are too busy or intentionally give you improper advice in order to maximize their income. Your brokerage firm has a legal duty to make choices that are in your best interests – often they fail to do so.

Your Initial Consultation is Free of Charge!

In order to alleviate the stress of your financial situation, we offer free initial consultations. If you would simply like to meet with an experienced Texas stock fraud lawyer to discuss your legal options, there is no further obligation. Furthermore, we take most broker misconduct cases on a contingency fee basis – so you pay no attorney fees unless we recover for you.

When you contact Herbert E. Pounds Jr., P.C. you will receive a comprehensive assessment of your case. If your losses are the result of deception, negligence, or fraud, we will fight for you and your future – at the negotiating table or through a hearing. Take the first step and contact a skilled Texas stock fraud attorney today to reclaim your financial security.

Located in San Antonio, TX, lawyer Herbert E. Pounds serves clients throughout Texas, including the communities of Dallas, Houston, Austin and Corpus Christi.